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UGE 44: Nico & Vinz - Black star elephant

Debutalbummet fra den norske duo "Black Star Elephant" består af 14 sange og indeholder naturligvis hitsinglerne "Am I Wrong" og "In Your Arms".  Musikalsk følger "Black Star Elephant" op på de to forgående singler og viser Nico & Vinz' unikke kombination af afrikansk inspireret beats og sjæl i sammenspil med skandinavisk pop.  Vinz fortæller om albummet: "We are Norwegian and African. It is important for us to inspire. We sing about things we’ve been going through and about finding ourselves. To us it’s important to have a message, and the goal for us is to inspire people to find happiness.” Nico & Vinz har siden foråret boet i LA og skabt flotte resultater på singlen "Am I Wrong" på verdensplan. På albummet finder du også det nye hit "When the day comes".

UGE 45: Robin Schulz - Prayer

Der ingen tvivl om at Robin Schultz har fremtid som førende europæisk main man inden for deep house lyd. Det cementerer de flotte positioner på hitcharts over hele europa og bliver yderligere fastgjort med det nye album der er proppet med store Robin Schulz hits, eksempelvis ”Waves” med Mr.Probz.

Se Track-by-Track listen her, hvor Robin fortæller om tankerne bag numrene på ”Prayer” albummet:

1.      Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer in C   I found the original on YouTube by coincidence and instantly fell in love with it. I started remixing it straight away, wanting to make it danceable. People always ask me how I was able to turn such a sad tune into a club track. To be honest, I never really paid any attention to the lyrics, seeing the vocals as an instrument instead. That’s usually how I do it. In fact, the track has been working wonders in the clubs.  

2.      Robin Schulz & Alligatoah - Willst Du   I listen to a lot of Hip Hop and was subscribed to the YouTube channel of Berlin-based Hip Hop media (Aggro Berlin). That’s where I first heard the track. The very first guitar riff just blew me away and by the time I reached the chorus I was sold. Amazing! I really wanted to do a remix. I’d been out DJ’ing the night before and had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep, but I needed to get started right away. Roughly 10 hours later the remix was done and I was happy, but tired!

3.      Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down (feat. Jasmine Thompson)   This song took me about two months to complete. I remember sitting there working on it last summer, watching the sun go down through my window every day. That’s how I came up with the title. I am really proud of this track. I spent so much time and energy on it, but it was all worth it. 

4.      Lykke Li - No Rest for the Wicked (Robin Schulz Edit)  This voice is so distinctive. Just an awesome voice! I’ve been playing this track a lot as part of my latest set “Summerbreeze”, but it continues to work really well in the clubs. Lykke Li rules!

5.      Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne) (Robin Schulz Edit)  The first time I heard this song on the radio I loved the violin. So I sampled the violin parts and worked them into my own version. This is the track people go crazy to in the club!

6.      Lexer & Nico Pusch - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off   Lexer is a good friend of mine and he has a great sound. It was important to me to feature other artists on my album as well. I think his track really fits in nicely. 

9.      Robin Schulz & Dansir - Never Know Me   It was my first time producing with someone else and I was curious to see how that would work out. It went great. We produced the track within a week, in his kitchen. I don’t think the neighbors were too happy though. They kept banging on the wall with a broomstick. Sorry guys, but we had a blast.  

11. Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit)  Waves was the breakthrough I never expected. Crazy! I’ve now been DJ’ing for 12 years and producing for 4 years. I’ve had record deals before, one with a Columbian label, another with a French one. They had this strange deal, saying that they’d only pay out sums over 75 Euros. I never received any money, which pretty much says it all. Then all of a sudden everything changed. I uploaded “Waves” to SoundCloud and the next time I checked it had 1 million plays. Ever since it feels like I’m living life in the fast lane at 200 mph. Plus, I never get bored of “Waves”. Every time I play it, every time the people go crazy to it, I join in the fun!

12. Robin Schulz - Warm Minds   This song is about two years old, but I still like it a lot! The whole tune revolves around this guitar sample played in reverse. It actually turned out quite soulful. 

13. Robin Schulz - Wrong   “Wrong” is a great piano-heavy tune. Once a fan created his own video for the track, filled with scenes showing everything that’s wrong with the world. I passed my mom the headphones and had her watch it. She had tears running down her face. That’s how touched she was. It gave me goosebumps. Unfortunately the video has been removed, for legal issues I guess. But I was so happy to see that someone had gone through the trouble to give my song a face with all those moving images. I just love this song. There’s so much emotion in it. 

17. Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau - Changes (Robin Schulz Remix)  I was on the train on my way home from a gig, when I received the call, asking me to do an official remix for “Changes”. I was really excited. “Changes” was the 2013 summer hit at “Lachender Hans”, in my hometown Osnabrück. An open air venue that I spent a lot of time at that summer, meeting friends and partying. So “Changes” was basically the soundtrack to that summer.The song’s been given a new outfit to wear next season, but it’s still all sun and games. ;)  I’ve only been back to “Lachender Hans” once this year. The club hadn’t officially opened yet, but we had a barbecue there with some friends. I’m not in Osnabrück that much anymore, so it’s always a highlight to meet up with the old crew again. 

18. Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars (Robin Schulz Edit)  Coldplay, do I really need to spell this one out? What a huge honor to be able to do an official remix for this band. I was incredibly nervous! But in the end I think it turned out quite nicely. Obviously I hope the Coldplay boys feel the same way.

UGE 46: Barbara Moleko - Lykken er... (dobbelt CD)

Eksklusiv 2 disc udgave af Barbara Moleko´s fantastiske album. Indeholder en bonus cd med hendes fortolkninger i Toppen Af Poppen 2014. En kunstner man ikke kan komme udenom, der har domineret i medierne hele året, og endegyldigt gjort sig gældende som en af Danmarks mest populære sangskrivere og sangere. Med en absolut enestående stemme og personlighed, går hun lige i hjertet. Hun imponerer kritikere over hele linjen, og vi glæder os til at høre meget mere til hende. Et helt perfekt album til de mørke efterårsdage.

CD 1:
01: Dum for Dig
02: Klar til Kærlighed
03: Gå en Tur
04: Rejser Mig Op
05: Jeg Åben
06: Det Kribler
07: Det Forbi
08: Det Ikke Let
09: Lykken Er...
10: Gør det Lettere
11: Sugar Man
12: Helt Min Egen
13: Kvinder og Kanoner

CD 2:
01: Indianer
02: Sådan Nogen Somos
03: Sidste Skrig
04: Take It As It Comes
05: La' Dem Hænge
06: Lang Vej Hjem

UGE 47: Rasmus Walter - Verden i stå

På sit nyeste album - Verden i stå - har Rasmus Walter lagt melankolien på hylden og valgt at fokusere på Mødet frem for Afskeden. Det er det 3. soloalbum af Rasmus Walter og er indspillet med hans faste samarbejdspartner og co-producer Søren Mikkelsen.

01: Indtil du lægger mig på plads
02: Verden i stå
03: På en dag som i dag
04: Om og om igen
05: Alting fungerer
06: Når alt kommer til alt
07: Dit nordlige sind
08: Blå blå måne
09: Tre der trækker vejret
10:Samvittigheden intakt
11: Station til station (bonus track)


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